Ease of communication creates a great customer experience

Edita Prima provides automated processes for customer communication. We help you create an excellent customer experience, whether you’re working with digital content or print media.

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A versatile set of communication services you won’t find anywhere else

In creating an excellent customer experience, we combine digital communication, personalized print and digital asset management.

Customized for your needs

Instead of delivering a standard solution, we gain understanding of your needs and create the best service solution to suit them.

All in one view

Manage your communication with ease, eliminate wasteful work and focus on providing an excellent customer experience.

Communication for people

With automation and personalizing you can create exclusive communication both online and in print.

Truly omnichannel

Most service providers offer either digital or print channels. We can create a perfectly uniform customer experience.

”Edita Prima built us a complete solution for warehousing, logistics and subsequent processing with a unique web store!”

Esa Leivo
CEO, Ink&Media Solutions Oy

Automation eliminates inefficiencies and boosts the customer experience

Communicate according to your brand

A single up-to-date system ensures that everyone in your organization communicates using the correct brand guidelines.

Personal scalability

With automation and customer data you can create resonating messages targeted directly at your customers.

Easy is also fast

When your time isn’t spent on finding the correct material versions, creating marketing campaigns is quick and effortless.

Integrate with a web store

Combine ordering, on-demand production and shipping of marketing materials including analytics.

Be up-to-date with analytics

With sophisticated reporting you’ll understand how your services perform and how to optimize them.

Avoid technology investments

No expensive licenses or information systems. We tailor the service for you using the SaaS model.

“The smoothness and efficiency of taxation in Finland is based on countless automated data flows and close cooperation between different operators and organisations.”

Jarkko Levasma
Head of development and IT management, Tax Administration

Our approach brings you unique value

We begin a new project by reviewing your communication processes. We update them with technology and once the new system is implemented, we will walk beside you as your service partner.

Customer communication management

Navigate the maze of customer data and create targeted messages for all the stages of customer journey.

E-commerce solutions

Ordering, managing and shipping assets and materials is super-easy with our online store solution.

Digital asset management

Digital assets on a single platform, accessible with a web browser. Keep versions and channels in order.

Election services

Voting systems, planning and project management, online and ballot voting, activation campaigns as well as real-time reporting in one package.

Printing services

We are experts in personalized direct marketing. Through our own capabilities and a broad partner network we offer comprehensive print services.

“We work with Edita on creating systematic and efficient omnichannel communication, with integrated tools and processes. Our fruitful cooperation has continued for two decades now, developing constantly with the trends of the day.”

Petri Castrén
Customer relationship manager, Volvo

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