Customer communication management

The best customer experience is built on engaging communication

It’s vital that the customer communication of your organization is well structured, on brand and something people can relate to. Utilizing automation we can turn even the largest data sets into personalized messages.

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“The smoothness and efficiency of taxation in Finland is based on countless automated data flows and close cooperation between different operators and organisations.”

Jarkko Levasma
Head of development and IT management, Finnish Tax Administration

Customer data processing

We gather your customer data onto a single platform where it can be easily refined as personalized omnichannel messages. We can also assist in designing accessible documents and forms.

Flawless flow of information

We create validation and quality controls for your data. Automation eliminates human errors.

Manage big data

Centralized procedures enable managing, refining and analyzing of huge quantities of data.

Impenetrable information security

In matters of information security we identify the special needs of each client and act according to the GDPR guidelines.

Align communication with your brand

Communicate with your customers according to your organization’s brand, at the right stages of their customer journey. This will serve both your communication
strategy and customer care models.

Focus on content

And leave the technical solutions to us. We deliver your content at the right time, on the right channel.

No more hassle

Even the largest data sets are organized within our automation and personalized neatly as unique messages for your customers.

Documents and forms

Our experts design and create documents for the chosen channels to be published in appropriate ways.

Accessibility consulting

We assist in designing documents and forms so that they meet the demands of accessibility.

“We are very satisfied with the swift response and professional attitude of Edita Prima. Secure and efficient methods enhance the growth of productivity in government offices and facilities.”

Lasse Pynnönen

Head of Development, Finnish Census Bureau

Analyzing, optimizing and reporting

Utilizing automation you will save time and money while creating a better user experience for your customers.

Take full control of data

Map out the development potential of customer communication, understand the service cost structure and optimize your communication channels.

Get everyone excited about development

Data and comprehensive reporting allows everyone in your organization to see their efforts generate a better customer experience.

We tailor the service to your needs

By combining leading technologies, we’ve created a unique method of customer service. The implementation is carried out step by step.

Initial mapping

We acquire understanding of your needs through dialogue. Based on this we create a preliminary description of the service and present an offer on the design phase.


The service is designed together in a workshop. As a result you will receive specifiations regarding your business and a rough project plan with price estimates.

Setting up the service

We will create work flows for our automation and set up the technical architecture as well as any needed integrations.

We operate with the SaaS model

There’s no need for investment in technology or worry about security updates. Your service will run reliably on our servers and tech support is always at your disposal.

“Edita Prima handles reliably the billing process of our membership fees, both as e-invoice and by mail.”

Seija Pohjantuuli
Marketing Director, Finnish Taxpayers Association

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