Digital asset management

Efficient management of digital content

Keeping track of all the versions of customer communication and marketing materials can be a daunting task. With Digital Asset Management you gather all your materials onto a single platform, where they are easy to manage, search, download, publish and share.

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”Edita has built us a DAM service containing all our customer materials, from forms to insurance documents, organized by versions. Now we can manage everything from ordering new versions to publishing it online. When our customers review product information or check their insurance terms online, they are actually using Edita’s asset management service. ”

Irma Joutsimies
Consultant, LähiTapiola

Make sure everyone sends the same message

It’s vital that your organization speaks with one voice and on brand. With Digital Asset Management you guarantee your marketing materials are correctly aligned and up to date.

The materials are always available

Your organizations logos, images and other graphic materials are always at the disposal of your team and other stakeholders.

Use the correct version

With version management you make sure that everyone is using the correct asset iteration. At the same time old versions can be revisited flexibly.

Ease of use saves time and money

When your assets are accessible to the whole team, you are working efficiently. At the same time you avoid unnecessary expenses caused by creating duplicates.

Easy to find

Finding the assets you are looking for is essential in the digital landscape. The amount of new material grows nonstop, and so does the time to find them, unless your tools are in order.

Keep the assets organized and safe

Organize the materials in a way that suits your way of working. Bundle and sort by campaign and keep track of the version history.

Distribute and publish employing your entire organization

Centralized Digital Asset Management allows easy sharing to stakeholders, as well as publishing online, utilizing marketing automations or other third party platforms.

Maximize your ROI

Marketing materials are a resource that should be available to everyone in your organization. This way you utilize them to the full extent while avoiding waste generated by unnecessary duplicates.

Leave obsolete manual work behind

Publishing processes are worth integrating and automating as much as possible. Don’t waste resources on unnecessary manual work.

We tailor the service to your needs

By combining leading technologies, we’ve created a unique method of customer service. The implementation is carried out step by step.

Initial mapping

We acquire understanding of your needs through dialogue. Based on this we create a preliminary description of the service and present an offer on the design phase.


The service is designed together in a workshop. As a result you will receive specifiations regarding your business and a rough project plan with price estimates.

Setting up the service

We will create work flows for our automation and set up the technical architecture as well as any needed integrations.

We operate with the SaaS model

There’s no need for investment in technology or worry about security updates. Your service will run reliably on our servers and tech support is always at your disposal.

Let’s build together the service you need

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