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The easiest way to order marketing materials for your business

Getting your company’s logo printed on a coffee mug should be just as easy as it sounds. The design of your marketing and sales materials, personalizing, ordering and mailing are simple with our e-commerce solution.

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”Edita Prima built us a complete solution for warehousing, logistics and subsequent processing with a unique web store!”

Esa Leivo
CEO, Ink&Media Solutions Oy

Designing marketing materials is easy

By integrating the web store with your organizations customer data and product catalogue, you have a seamless system where picking and designing products is easy and of premium quality.

Save time

Easy-to-use, all-in-one application saves time and effort. No need for a visual designer on every little task.

See the end result instantly

With the web store preview you can see what you orders look like. No more resource-consuming draft rounds.

Optimize the purchase process

Our e-commerce environment can be integrated with the purchase and billing systems. This keeps the flow of data between different systems uninterrupted and always up to date .

A modern user experience

Fully customizable interface allows easy order process, whether your products are for a single occasion or an entire campaign.

Multiple suppliers, one platform

Your orders are directed automatically to the right suppliers. No more budget waste resulting from managing a scattered production network.

“Edita Prima carried out the e-commerce platform for our website, while also managing the warehousing and mailing of the brochures, as a turnkey service. “

Tuija Loppi-Hakamäki

Customer Service Manager, HSY

Enhanced distribution digitally and by mail

The distribution of marketing materials and carrying out campaigns from start to finish is a challenge. Our e-commerce solution minimizes the work spent on logistics, so that you can focus fully on marketing.

For all your marketing needs

Send materials to all company locations. Manage direct mail and email in one view. Combine campaign products into easy-to-manage bundles. Personalize and localize as needed.

Creating reports is easy

Stay up-to-date on orders and material supply. Customize reporting tools to better suit your needs.

We tailor the service to your needs

By combining leading technologies, we’ve created a unique method of customer service. The implementation is carried out step by step.

Initial mapping

We acquire understanding of your needs through dialogue. Based on this we create a preliminary description of the service and present an offer on the design phase.


The service is designed together in a workshop. As a result you will receive specifiations regarding your business and a rough project plan with price estimates.

Setting up the service

We will create work flows for our automation and set up the technical architecture as well as any needed integrations.

We operate with the SaaS model

There’s no need for investment in technology or worry about security updates. Your service will run reliably on our servers and tech support is always at your disposal.

“An e-commerce solution designed specifically to assist in customer communication of real estate management has been a huge help during the busiest time of spring. Professionally produced, high-quality invites to condo shareholders meetings are much better at motivating people to participate, than say a boring stack of paper sheets.”

Kirsi Salo

Communication Manager, Suomen Isännöintiliitto

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