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A successful election project is built on sound planning

The information system is the backbone of your organization’s election but only professional project management ensures its success.

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“Edita Prima is constantly developing their election service. This has provided our S Group cooperatives even more comprehensive and versatile election packages. Since we started working together in 2016, we’ve been very satisfied with our cooperation in 19 representative elections, and we will continue together in the 2020 elections.”

Marjaana Saarikoski

Account Manager , SOK

The challenge is that elections are held only every 3 to 5 years

Many things can change in five years, both with digital systems and people. At the same time elections have to be carried out without error and the results delivered to the election committee on time.

Systems alone do not complete elections

Every election has its own rules and every organization its conventions and specifications regarding elections.

We have solid expertise in managing election projects

We can anticipate events, we have benchmark knowledge on what others have tried, what works and what doesn’t.

Project manager helps you with your election

Our project manager makes sure the elections proceed as planned and helps you ensure their success.

Create a complete, pre-approved candidate list

Candidate nomination is meant to attract members of your organization to step up for election. In our candidate nomination service the traditional filling and filing of candidacy forms is replaced partially or completely with a digital application.

The application checks candidate eligibility

The candidate data is saved directly on the candidate database. This also generates up-to-date candidate contact information for communication needs during the election.

Automatically generated candidate list

Inserting candidate information directly to the system reduces considerably the work required to check candidate eligibility and errors resulting from copying.

Bring candidates closer to voters

We provide the only solution in the market that integrates successfully the voting service with a voting advice application.

Give the candidates a voice

Election candidates can introduce themselves and their goals by answering questions and using keywords.

A versatile candidate search

Voters can search for a matching candidate by filtering search terms, with keywords or tags, and with questions.

Utilize the voting advice application in communication and the election

The VAA is published on an open website and can be employed in the election communication to a wider extent. You can also vote for your candidate directly using the VAA.

Print and digital materials from design to distribution

We take care of communication materials, such as postal election materials, advertising on election sites and candidate posters. If needed, we’ll provide voting booths, urns and digital voting sets.

Mailing with uncompromising security

Our audited process ensures that no one can vote more than once, even with multiple simultaneous voting methods.

Candidate lists without delay or flaws

Layout automation helps us reduce errors generated by and time spent in creating the candidate lists. This is particularly useful during the most critical phase of the election schedule.

Real time monitoring of the election and swift vote counting

Our voting service combines digital and postal voting. You can track the vote count and activity in real time. Results of the election are available quickly after the voting is closed.

Vote using your own device

Digital voting is easy and quick using any mobile or desktop device. Login via the service front page or voting advice application.

Strong identification ensures the integrity of the result

Our voting service checks the identity of the person using the strong online identification protocol and makes sure the vote is still unused.

Postal votes are entered into the system as they arrive

Before the vote is registered in the database the service checks whether the voter is eligible to vote for the given candidate.

Learn to understand and activate the electorate

Digital reporting can be implemented during the election race and the actual voting. Follow as the elections progress in real time and utilize tools in creating targeted campaigns.

Voter data using analytics

Identifying voters enables analysing the election result and activity for example by gender, voting time, voting channel, hometown and age.

Add colour to the election with raffles

During the vote count you can perform different raffles. The winners can be declared in a chosen manner and time.

Good election result is built on active communication

Our election system contains specific data about the electorate which allows targeted and timed communication to everyone in the organization.

Improve voting activity

Activation campaigns carried out during the candidate placement and voting increase activitity almost without exception.

Include candidates in the process

Send information to the election candidates and guidelines regarding candidate approval, election process and updating your information.

Appeal to the electorate

We can identify different voter profiles, understand their motives and plan so tha the content of communication is more resonating.

We tailor the service to your needs

By combining leading technologies, we’ve created a unique method of customer service. The implementation is carried out step by step.

Initial mapping

We acquire understanding of your needs through dialogue. Based on this we create a preliminary description of the service and present an offer on the design phase.


The service is designed together in a workshop. As a result you will receive specifiations regarding your business and a rough project plan with price estimates.

Setting up the service

We will create work flows for our automation and set up the technical architecture as well as any needed integrations.

We operate with the SaaS model

There’s no need for investment in technology or worry about security updates. Your service will run reliably on our servers and tech support is always at your disposal.

”In 2017, we carried out together with Edita Prima the largest online elections in Finland, with 83 local cooperative banks and an electorate of over 1,5 million shareholder-customers. The whole transformation project of the election, including system implementation, was done swiftly and with continuous development in mind. Next cooperative bank representative elections are around the corner and we will surely be working together again. ”

Pekka Keskiaho
Marketing Director, OP

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