Printing services

Comprehensive printing services with advanced expertise

The print market is in upheaval and printing houses are specializing. We are experts in producing personalized marketing materials. With our extensive partner network we deliver a complete package of printing services.

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“Veikkaus is actively cooperating with our most prominent service partners, in developing joint models in managing and leading. Edita Prima is one of our key partners and thus supports our strategy. With Edita the cooperation is seamless, generates additional value and also quite a bit of fun.”

Lauri Noro

Head of Logistics, Veikkaus

Utilize our experience before printing

We assist in all kinds of layout design and data processing as well as fit-for-purpose print products.

Checking and revising materials

We offer print data processing, graphic desing and layout services.

From small volume digital printing to large-scale rotation print products

Products can be printed digitally or by offset, from roll or sheet, depending on the use case. Products can be personalized during printing or after, using laser or inkjet method.

Versatile post-processing options

We offer many alternatives for producing the best end-product that serves your customer experience.

Specialized products

Posters and other large format products both for indoors and outdoors. Fair stands, stickers, raffle tickets, coupons and receipts.

We can store your print products for later use

Our warehouse is designed specifically for housing print products and allows affordable express delivery for all our clients.

Our mailing and delivery service finishes the shipments

Our mailing is efficient and reliable. We ensure the quality and flawlessness of each item we ship with cameras and automated checking systems.

Handcrafted if needed

Articles unsuitable for mechanical mailing are done by hand. We can carry out sizeable and complex distribution projects on a tight schedule.

Shipping service

We ship print products globally. We bring savings to our customers by searching for the most cost-effective shipping method.

Print products from a specialist at market price

Our account managers will look for the best solution and contractor for your needs, utilizing our vast partner network.

Contractor bidding takes time

Sending and analyzing offers is time-consuming. Instructing a new contractor requires careful attention to detail so that the quality of the order is guaranteed.

Our partner network in Finland and the Baltic Sea area

We have dozens of audited partners. For each order we will find the supplier that is most cost-effective and has the best quality.

We are on the pulse of the print market

The print market is in a constant state of flux. We keep track of the market changes and ensure the availability of a comprehensive supplier network.

Up to 20% cost savings

We deliver a full report on the bidding process of orders as well as any savings obtained. You can save up to 20% in costs compared to an annual contract.

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